This article focuses on the KYC process while creating an account on pyse, and why we need those details

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KYC or Know Your Customer, is a process all of us are used to going through when onboarding ourselves into any investment platform. KYC allows an organization to know that a registered user is legitimate and not a bot/fake account. This ensures a greater deal of transparency and hygiene when money is involved in the process.

On pyse, we take 3 pieces of information from you to verify your authenticity due to a mandated regulatory and compliance standard.

  1. Address proof

When you invest in any asset listed on pyse, you become a partner in the…

It has been more than 35 years since the crash of the videogame industry, and ever since that era gaming has always been on an incline. With companies coming and going while some staying stronger than ever before, it is almost undeniable how long this journey was and how innovation here never ceases to amaze us. Gaming has cemented itself as a contemporary media of entertainment, standing alongside cinema both in the size of target audience and profits. On a whole interactive media has never been better.

But in today’s industry landscape and properties offered, can the word new be…

Quite recently I was exploring a bit of r/gamedev, and came across this article from artifice that grabbed my attention.

Application design and it’s implementation is an evolving process with a wide range of innovations , modifications and advancements yet to surface. From the time of having mechanical gauges to electronic symbols being used in systems today, progression and transformation of application design is dictated by —

UI, an art form augmented with the science of UX.

The extent of advancements in UI/UX is a subject with limitless potential powered by the boundlessness of human psychology. While UI is a synchro-synergy between the user and the interface he is presented with ,UX dictates the bond between the system in hand and it’s user.

Myriads of designers today spend their time…

By the end of Part -1 I hope you have understood the kind of versatility that something as simple as a small animation can add on to your application design.

In this part , we will look into the specifics of the animations discussed in the previous sections and how we can implement them in the designs we try to create.

Interpolation — The rate of motion

Motion being implemented as an animation within the application , must always be a function of time. “How far should my UI element move in a cirtin period of time ?” , “ Where does my UI object stand…

Back when the gates of Internet were opened for Computers and other electronic media devices , companies providing solutions for them had one very important function to execute- convey information to the user. This was the time when HTML was introduced , and as the name says , it was originally nothing more than a Hyper TEXT Markup Language.

With the market today brimming with diversity and range both in content offered , functionality and medium , the composition and general outline of the Design model provides a competitive edge in the playing field by trying to capture a user’s…

A few months ago I bought a Nintendo Switch online and was confused about which game to get with it. After a thorough examination (ie- watch vs videos on youtube ) I made one of the best decisions of my life. Legend of Zelda : Breath Of The Wild. There is an extensive lineup of everything good with that game , but something in the core of it’s design made me realize that game designers today have forgotten the idea of self discovery and player immersion.

This article is not about any specific feature of the game , nor is…

Since it’s genesis , computing technology has never had a pause with it’s innovation. Growing faster in power , performance and prowess in almost every field of science , electronic computation forms the crux of the modern society.

While local computation was and still is a marvel to behold , what truly discharged a computer’s power was the web and it’s fundamentals of interactivity. Today , the web lies at the center of our establishment and helps power every business with every desirable end to end design and implementation solution.

Every program now migrates to the web, expanding it’s reach…

Studying history as a course in my high school was something I was never genuinely welcome about. The idea of having to learn what happened before , interpret the mistakes and ponder about some of the worlds biggest triumphs never excited me.

But ever since I dived into the realm of technology , design and aesthetics have always been the point of fascination I obsessed about. How something as simple as a button , and it’s color has the capacity to make or break an application.

I agree. I am a hypocrite. While I never liked history, Ive always been…

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Passionate and exuberant developer having a rhapsodic relationship with software. I’m a developer with experience in gaming , imaging and system software.

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