On June 10th, Kava’s DeFi lending platform will launch, making DeFi available for the first time to BNB holders. Kava’s lending platform will feature connectivity with Binance Chain enabling BNB users to use their BNB as collateral to mint USDX stablecoin loans. To accelerate the user growth of the platform the Kava community is offering an unparalleled opportunity to earn by staking BNB on Kava’s DeFi lending platform and minting USDX.

A total of 3,848,000 KAVA from Kava’s “User Growth Fund” will be given directly to BNB holders that participate by staking BNB and minting USDX. …

ChainLayer has been nominated as a node operator to bring Chainlink price reference data to Kava’s DeFi lending platform and the Cosmos ecosystem. ChainLayer will be responsible for providing BNB/USD price reference data first to support Kava’s lending platform scheduled to launch in early June. Following the release of IBC, other Comos-SDK blockchains and applications will be able to leverage connections with Kava to easily access Chainlink data for their own use.

Background on ChainLayer

ChainLayer, is a staking service provider and Chainlink node operator with a long history in the blockchain space. The company’s founders have been in the blockchain space since…

Kava’s on-chain governance process, interoperability, and robust security are some of the key features that set it apart from other DeFi protocols. Kava aims to drive innovation and lead the DeFi industry on all fronts.

In recent events, the Kava community witnessed the slow governance of systems like MakerDao jeopardize the entire platform’s credibility in times of crisis and impact its performance. Kava’s on-chain governance process is faster, but still not fast enough for times of high volatility. It is foreseeable in the future that faster response time in managing CDP parameters will be needed to adequately address the needs…

To accelerate the creation and adoption of USDX, the Kava lending platform investors and community have just passed a vote creating a Growth Fund offering millions of USD value to fund USDX minters. BNB holders are the first group of USDX minters to receive these Kava Growth Funds in a recurring weekly activity called #CryptoPayDay.

Kava has chosen Binance Chain’s native cryptocurrency (BNB) as the first collateral asset in its DeFi platform. The Kava community has also voted to allocate 3,848,000 KAVA from the User Growth Fund to BNB holders. Kava wants to reward you for your valuable contribution to…

We are pleased to announce that Kava Labs has raised $1.2 Million in funding to continue the development of our Interledger solutions for blockchain technology. These solutions we believe are vital keys to the blockchain industry as a whole as they solve the scaling, interoperability, and liquidity challenges limiting blockchain technology today.

The investment round was led by Lemniscap and Digital Asset Capital Management, along with other investors including Xpring of Ripple, Coil Technologies, 2020 Ventures, Arrington Capital, Hard Yaka, Robot Ventures, UniValues Associates, and a number of private investors.

“We are pleased to support the Kava team as…

by Kevin Davis & Ruaridh O'Donnell


  • Our lead developer spoke on the interoperability panel at SF blockchain week.
  • We’re demoing ILP transactions for ETH, BTC, and XRP live on mainnet! Much more exciting stuff on the way…
  • We’ve relaunched the ILP testnet with support for XRP, ETH, and BTC.
  • We’re looking for validators for the Kava blockchain. Checkout our Telegram!

Kava is back from a successful trip to SF blockchain week, where our lead developer Kevin Davis was part of a great panel on interoperability and the rest of the team could be found showing off ILP transfers from…

Kava Labs

The world’s first Interledger solutions provider enabling interoperability and liquidity to blockchains, wallets, and exchanges. https://kava.io

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