E-commerce sales cross $1.5B for Thanksgiving

Usually Black Friday, a day after Thanksgiving gets the maximum attention and is considered the start of the holiday season. With the E-commerce boom, this trend has changed a bit with the rise in Thanksgiving sales figures.

According to Adobe, on 100 of the largest retailers, sales have risen by 16.8 percent year-on-year and around 2pm Pacific Time, around $1.52million has been spent in total.

The overall spend is up by 17.9 percent compared to 2016 and around $1 billion online spend for all the 22 days. This shows that there is increase in consumer faith, when it comes to E-commerce, but also emphasizes on the fact that early promotions have also played a good role in increasing overall sales.

Figures suggest that Thanksgiving is slowly becoming yet another record-breaking shopping day. And following Thanksgiving day, we can expect Black Friday and Cyber Monday follow the trend and see a record spend. Smartphones and mobiles continue to play a strong role in E-commerce purchases. As per Adobe, around 46% traffic comes from smartphones. Smartphones usage have jumped by 15% compared to the previous years.

Smartphones are still better used for browsing than buying. At present, smartphones account for 30.03% of overall sales, which is around 8% up from the previous year.