The Indian Conscience Movement

The title of my column looks a lot like a Yoga or Meditation ad, you may wonder! But it’s a humble attempt to put forward a need for an imaginary political party that has no experience whatsoever: in pleasing, governing, influencing or misleading people. 
This new ideology(if I may call it) does not have a spokesperson with a record of political anarchy and bias. It doesn’t stem from an agenda of opposition or peer shaming, and certainly not one that may invite mass attraction. It is no philosophy attached to religious sentiments — the latest marketing trend.

It cannot propagate false claims hiding behind the veil of some popular Guru, so it is nothing like what exists in current day India. 
 The Indian Conscience Movement lacks media backing of self-made and self-obsessed ignorant souls. My question is, would you like to join such a movement? Can each one of us be part of this movement that makes it easier for the collective conscience of our society? Many of us may not like to join such a movement because our innocent minds are not so innocent anymore. We are all born into a social setup, into families of pre-set beliefs and religious backgrounds. Carrying age old traditions, become our responsibility, so that we don’t get left out, directionless we assume!

The blame game begins right from our childhood and goes on forever. It all starts with the “Someone is responsible for me and so I have the right to question, expect and judge” attitude. I have a God who is responsible, and glorifying God may just help me with the whole struggle called ‘life’ because I cannot be responsible for myself and so why should I be responsible for the consequences of my wrong doings.

The more conscious people in the world, the lesser the dependence on an external ‘something’. This makes way for better chances, better decisions, and a better life. By rejecting your own conscience, you unknowingly welcome a world of people into your life. And then the game is theirs! They ride on your weakness, divide you into groups, classify you into vote banks, and what not!