Have Got Itchy Feet

If you were a part of my childhood, you would have known my answer to someone asking me about my aspirations.

In simple words, “I want to travel the world.” These words are etched on my soul since the time I can’t even remember.

I have itchy feet all the time. I come back from a trip and my brain starts functioning planning the next one. My brain doesn’t get weary of this hard work.

Back in college years, planning a vacation with friends was always a difficult task. Mt friends weren’t gifted with parents who would send them away for trips without arguments. It was a tough task convincing them to let us wander off to exotic wilderness for some days. Sometimes, we got lucky. Unfortunately, others weren’t that lucky days.

I did go on some trips, but they couldn’t satiate my lust for travelling. They just couldn’t! And I wasn’t confident enough to venture out all on my own back then. I wish! :(

I graduated and like the light at the end of the tunnel, I got an opportunity to move to Chennai for corporate training. That was trepidation followed by absolute bliss. This is how I shall say the travel bug inside me took off and hasn’t settled ever since.

Last two years have been the best years of my life. With back to back adventures, I am not looking to settle down anytime soon. [Never!]

Wanting such moments to dot every second of my life
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