2.0 Growing a Pudina (Mint) plant

Tomato saplings in 15 days

How to grow a Mint Plant from scraps

Things required:

  1. Mint grows in any pot size and spreads out, so a pot suitable to your space should work, i prefer a bigger pot of about 15 inches wide so as to get more of it spread out. Layering to be done with soil as mentioned in the first blog of this series.
  2. Buy fresh mint from a local vendor rather than a supermarket about 15–20 cuttings
  3. Scissors, Tumbler of water
Cutting it at the node
The cutting should look like this before planting

Growing Mint plants with seeds

Things required: Pot size as mentioned and layered, Mint seeds from a seed store, water.

Another Pudina plant, smaller pot size to keep at work place in a sunny spot



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Kavina Patel

Kavina Patel

Passionate Urban farmer, urban planner by profession, trying my way through life with travel and food.