2019: Multi-Apps > Super App

In 2012, when we launched Hike, the mobile data market was very small. There were barely a few million mobile data users, that too on 2G and low-end smartphones. Since then we’ve grown Hike into a Super App with Messaging, Content, Services and more, to over 150M users.

Over the last couple of years, the market has grown tremendously and has experienced incredible change. We’ve gone from a market with 2G and low-end smartphones, where people had trouble using a few apps on their smartphones, to a world of 4G and good smartphones.

Today India, for the most part, doesn’t have an app problem. People are very comfortable downloading tens of apps on their phones.

As the market has evolved, we too must evolve our approach at Hike.

Evolved Approach

Last year we talked about going Back to Basics to focus on Hike’s core i.e. Social and Content. These are the 2 pillars of Hike with our users continuing to spend over 30mins / day on the platform and these remain spaces that have tremendous potential given the sheer scale and diversity of India. We are literally just scratching the surface.

In 2019, we continue to double down on both Social and Content but we’re going to do it with an evolved approach. We’re going to do it across multiple apps. That means, in 2019 we’re going to go from building a Super App that encompass everything, to Multiple Apps solving one thing really well.

Yes, we’re unbundling Hike.

One of the biggest areas of feedback we’ve been addressing in 2018 was to simplify Hike around Social and Content. We’ve come to the conclusion that we can solve better for our users by building multiple apps focused on doing one thing extremely well.

Over the course of the next 6 months you’re going to see us take core parts of the Hike product and spin them up into brand new apps focused at doing one thing well. Social and Messaging in one and Content in another. Users will be able to continue using the current Hike app or choose to seamlessly migrate to the new apps as they become available for a more focused User Experience.

We’re going to evolve from being a company building a SuperApp to one that’s building Multiple Apps.

Unbundling of Hike. 2017: Super App to 2019: Multi-Apps

Final Thoughts

In our business the User Experience is key and the value isn’t just in the number of users but how engaged they are on our platforms. Unbundling Hike into multiple apps focused on doing one thing allows us more room in the pixels to deliver much more around one problem.

Moving to a Multi App Strategy also no longer restricts us to a specific segment of the market. This is going to allow us to explore different parts of the market which is important given a significant number of new internet users have come from an older age demographic previously un-targeted by Hike.

Lastly, this has already unleashed tremendous execution speed for us at Hike. Small, independent teams focused on solving one problem are just downright much faster.

More updates soon.