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It is Estimated that one of the leading Cryptocurrency exchange has made over $300,000,000 in profit just in the first half of this year alone, Billions of dollars worth of trades are conducted in various cryptocurrency exchanges every single day and this is something that happens every single day, But most of these exchanges tend to keep the profits generated from those exchanges for themselves, they don’t give back to the community nor traders.

Have you ever wished there was a Cryptocurrency exchange that distributes some of it’s profits to it’s community members and supporters? Have you ever wished there was a fast, secure and reliable way to earn rewards just by holding a particular token? If your answer to these questions is yes, then I have very good news for you, such an exchange does exist and it’s name is HiBTC

At present, the floor supports only 6 electronic currencies namely BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, USDT and HIBTC, CMT, USE, soon more coin other

According to information on the website, HIBT is the only private currency issued by HiBTC, evidence of the floor. Specifically, it will be issued under the principle of “trading as mining”, invite friends and will stop until it reaches 10 billion tokens. HiBTC will divide its earnings to HIBT holders. At the same time, the owners also have the right to participate in important decisions and management areas, including listing new tokens, transaction fees … In addition, the floor also plans to “ “ Users can voluntarily take part or all of the HIBT lock on the floor and enjoy over-rate sharing with different rates. The longer the lock time, the higher the divide rate.

Platform’s Key Characters

  • Transactions in HIBTC are as fast as reading. The platform will process up to 2000 transactions per second. The HiBTC trading platform is completely different from the alternative trading platforms that interfere with users, extending trading time.
  • HiBTC will provide investors with risk coverage tools. The various investments do not even include the dangers before financing more than the cryptographic currencies. the problem is not so much the HiBTC exchange platform, which provides risk management tools for the business of all users
  • The HiBTC platform guarantees 100% user security and digital investor resources. The HiBTC security mechanism is very strict and guarantees users that they can not loss their information on the HiBTC trading platform
  • HiBTC provides technical support and technical support to investors in the platform. As cryptocurrency traders, who are not familiar or in contact with friends, we can not wait long, because the HiBTC trading platform can overcome the lines of mercantilism desired by all users of the platform. The platform
  • HiBTC expects to overcome the asymmetric barriers between shareholders and managers, as well as between companies and users
    “traditional business models” and creates general and general organizational structures so that each HIBT owner has the right to participate in the platform application

What is the fee of HiBTC?

The transaction fee: The transaction fee of HiBTC is 0.1% transaction fee, deducted from the assets received after the transaction. The transaction fee of HiBTC is also the most attractive point that investors appreciate.

Deposit fee: Deposit less than the minimum deposit will not be confirmed.

Withdraw fee: When you withdraw digital coins to other trading platforms and wallets, regardless of the amount of single withdraw, each withdraws will consume a fixed mining fee (withdraw fee), and the mining fee will be deducted from the amount of withdrawing.

Fomo Hibt

HiBTC shall put the 100% of the daily dividend of the account “Holder Shared Fund” into the bonus pool, every day before someone trigger the price. Once the pool is triggered.

Token Distribution


This article describes the HiBTC exchange and according to the features of the exchange customer should be able to get a correct decision.Therefore its your choice to select good invest methodology.Analyse it and take it do not waste your capital on dumps. HIBTC venture is arranging different events. HIBT holders will have the right to participate in decision making process via voting. Voting will be facilitated by smart contract voting system.

Thank you.

To learn more about this revolutionary exchange, check out the links below:

Exchange Link: https://www.hibtc.com
Whitepaper: https://www.hibtc.com/om/about/en-us/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HiBTC_Exchange
Telegram: https://t.me/www_HiBTC_com1

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