Twitter is working on End-to-End encryption for Direct messages.

One person spotted some modifications made to Twitter to support Android source code. The changes were later confirmed vaguely by the CEO Elon Musk.

Not every news from Twitter must be chaotic since the social media platform seeks to implement end-to-end secure direct message encryption.

Let’s face it: Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has resulted in an absolute mess. From the employees who were fired and were asked to return to work to the blue check mark controversy that cost some companies millions of dollars. There are plenty of news stories to follow Musk’s notorious CEO and the latest Twitter-like social network.

But there’s no need to be all doom and despair since Musk intends to bring one of Twitter’s most requested attributes to Twitter in the future.

The researcher identifies End-to-End encryption in Twitter Source Code.

The report was made by mobile researcher Jane Manchun Wong. A new source code was reportedly included in Twitter for Android that explicitly mentions “encryption keys” and other details about the end-to-end protocol.

Wong posted the news on Twitter Naturally and, wouldn’t you know the result, Elon Musk reacted with an emoji of a smiley face, nearly confirming that complete end-to-end encryption is actually in the works. That’s at least the idea.

-” Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 16 2022

Twitter has been trying to implement encryption from end-to-end for direct messages; however, the feature, dubbed Secret Conversations at the time, was eventually scrapped.

There’s no date of when it will be released, and there’s no mention by Musk regarding end-to-end encryption that goes beyond the cryptic emojis. However, it’s safe to say that there’s the possibility that users will be able to use more secure messaging options on Twitter shortly. But is it vital?

Do you think End-to-End Encryption is Important?

In other words, yes, end-to-end encryption is essential. It permits only the user to read the messages being sent and blocks any third party, including the platform where the notice is posted, from seeing the news. For businesses concerned, it is a level of security that is recommended whenever it comes to the most basic types of interactions between coworkers.

Many other platforms offer this degree of security, such as and Microsoft Teams . These tools are designed to facilitate communication with colleagues, so end-to-end encryption is crucial to protect corporate information. In fact, introduced end-to-end encryption in 2014, leading the way to developing a secure messaging standard across all social networks.

Although it’s true that including Twitter in the mix isn’t as crucial for companies, it’ll provide a better and safer user experience. Also, considering that Elon Musk has been concerning Twitter users regarding dismissing security professionals on his team, we can suggest that adding encryption from end-to-end to direct messages sent on the platform will ease fears for the concerns of a large portion of users.



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