What is ‘futuristic vision’?

Why do people need to describe vision with a redundant adjective like ‘futuristic’? Because, people especially in business fraternity do not completely understand the meaning of a widely used word called ‘vision’. Vision itself refers to seeing something in future.

The best way to grow is to have a vision (for future) and get your legs and hands set in present. It applies not only to business but also to personal life. The best way to lead a happy one is to be content with present situation and have a relentless optimism for future.

That’s the best way to make the most out of current resources or blessings and invest them to get optimum in future.

Ahh! Finally, I have overcome my procrastination to write something after a long time. Thanks to this super awesome and minimalistic UI of Medium app. I’ll hopefully have a good sleep today.

Thanks for reading. Good night! ☺

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