For the love of Pizza... CRUST

October is National Pizza Month! What better time than now, to talk about this very scrumptious and delicious dish. There’s no doubt that pizza is one of THE most universally liked foods among children and adults everywhere. Every cuisine and culture has added its own mix of ingredients to make pizza their own.

Pepperoni, bbq chicken, tandoori paneer, avocado, grilled pineapple with jalapeños, whole roasted garlic with mushrooms, toasted almonds, the list of toppings is never ending. My mouth is watering at the very thought of consuming this cheesy delight!

Pizza is a staple food at most kids’ birthday parties and is relished by all. Sadly the crust is not greeted with the same level of gusto as the pizza itself. Most of the pizza crusts, especially those that are not thin crust or stuffed crust pizzas, are dry, chewy and tasteless; and end up in the trash. If only the restaurants could make the crust more tasty and enjoyable….

By spreading the pizza sauce close to the edge of the pizza so it will stay moist and flavorful after its baked.

OR Sprinkling cheese/garlic on the edge so it turns into garlic bread instead of plain crust.

OR Stuffing the crust with some of the toppings and cheese just like some of the stuffed crust pizzas.

I’m sure there are a million other ideas out there. Drop me a note or comment below with your own ideas. Hopefully someone at @PizzaHut or @RoundTablePizza or our favorite neighborhood pizzerias’ will take note and incorporate these ideas into their pizzas!

Finally, in honor of National Pizza Month, lets be mindful of crust waste the next time we eat pizza :)

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