Is Budget Travel Your Thing?

Hell yeah! After all I too am a young independent woman, just like you who is very keen to travel, so yeah budget travel is definitely my thing.

My mother (Mamta Shah, a little of marketing here hehehe :P) is an independent financial advisor so I have help in saving and investing my hard earned money wisely. As I seize the travel opportunity I start calculating my budget for the trip. I usually daydream about my upcoming trip way in advance, say 4–5 months prior to the actual trip. If you want to do budget travelling make sure you know your tentative month to travel and how many days you can get away with. Flight tickets are cheaper when you book in advance and train tickets are available only when you book in advance. So yes do a little bit of pre-planning. Keep your bosses informed about your travel goals. Keep your calendar marked for tentative travel dates. Keep reading travel blogs online. Keep researching on budget travel for your desired destination. S-O-R-T-E-D!

Budget trip may also include activities such as travelling by trains, public transport buses, shared vehicles and a bit of walking too. Food and accommodation could be like local dish as meals and hostel/zostel/home stay. The sound of local stuff is stimulating for a sincere traveller, if not, you are a mere tourist! Admit it even if you don’t like it so that you can make those changes in your upcoming travel plans :).

I also buy cheap yet meaningful souvenir for my friends and family in each of my trips. What are they? Postcards and fridge magnets. I make it a point that I go to the post office at all the destinations to enquire about fancy postcards, if not simple government ones will also do :). The joy of receiving handwritten postcards is so enormous that its monetary value is just immaterial! If you can write in your vernacular language to your closed ones it will be a cherry on top I can guarantee it! Check out the picture which has:

  1. Hand written letter in Gujarati on a government issued simple postcard
  2. Front of a fancy Ladakh postcard
  3. Front of a simple govt. postcard
Cool magnets, aren’t they?
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