How to Avoid Common Spoken English Mistakes?

If you are new to English and started to learn the different aspects of the English language, then you are likely to make mistakes. Learners when speaking in English must ensure to identify their mistakes to ensure that these mistakes are taken care of or rectified quickly. Here Spoken English mistakes and how could you avoid them:

Don’t use of Simple Language

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Don’t try too hard to complicate Spoken English by using hard words or rarely used words picking from dictionary when you are at the initial stage. Try as much as possible to use simple words that would be easier for you and people with whom you talk to. Benefits of using simple language would reduce the chances of going wrong while speaking in English. In the beginning stage, possibly use simple words and sentences to make your Spoken English language understandable.

Don’t Rush

One of the must do things while you are speaking English newly is by conversing slowly and carefully using appropriate words and correct sentence constructions. Reading is a different thing and conversation is entirely different, what you need to understand is how to avoid making mistakes by speaking slowly and carefully. If you are at the nascent stage of speaking the English language you are at the higher risk of using words incorrectly in sentences.

Don’t Interrupt the Other Speaker

When you interrupt another speaker while talking it is considered rude. The opposite speaker may think that you are not giving enough respect or required time to talk. This is relevant in all languages and not just for the English language. When someone is talking to you or in a group, always allow them to complete what they want to say so that you can listen to what they must say. When you listen, you become aware of others’ thoughts and point of view and gives you a chance to reply appropriately.

Don’t Say What You are not Sure of

Often you may come across situations when you want to express some thoughts but couldn’t find the words to express appropriately. In such situations, it is always better to avoid using phrases or sentences and words that you are not sure of and may end up expressing thoughts which are not clear. So, choose words, phrases and sentences correctly to express well what you want to say. On a regular basis, reading newspapers, online reading materials, novels and magazines, will increase your word power to express many a thought beautifully.

Don’t Ignore Grammar

Though, grammar rules are not all in all while speaking English but knowing common grammar rules is essential to speak error free English language. Knowing how to use Grammar can go a long way in helping you correct English sentences which will boost your confidence.

Don’t harbor negative thoughts

It is easy to harbor negative thoughts when you are speaking the English language. As you progress, you are going to make new mistakes which are likely to make you more upset. It is important, that you always keep positive to boost your self-esteem and confidence.