10 Questions (And Answers) About CDN And Web Performance

Content delivery networks (CDN) is an ever-growing network of interconnected servers that work across the globe to make faster web content delivery, improve web page uploading and downloading time, and users’ experience as well.

We are here with the list of 10 common questions and answers about CDN and web performance:

1. Why Content Delivery Network?
CDN network of interconnected servers quickly delivers users’ web content in a safe environment. This network saves time and improves loading time of a web page.

CN plays role of a fail-safe system wherein it assures website owner of the presence of their web page even in the case of heavy traffic.

2. Do you think CDN is a must for every website?
No, not exactly. CDN network may or may not be a part of your website. Especially. For local website owners where most of the users are local, you don’t need any CDN help.

3. Do all CDN networks behave equally?
No, CDN services differ from one service provider to another. You need to understand your target customers and then CDN would be decided accordingly.

4. Which method is better? Choosing a CDN or multiple data centers?
Choosing a CDN would be far better than hunting multiple data centers. This would save your time and additional operational cost as well.

5. Can CDNs be used for mobile users?
Yes, definitely Content delivery networks can be effectively used for mobile users. But it is really hard to make out ROI while using this interconnected network of servers.

6. Does that mean CDN assures 100% presence of website on the online marketplace?
Most of the genuine and reliable CDN service providers guarantees almost 100% web presence despite serious issues like power outages, any hardware or software issues, and other network problems.

7. Is it necessary for the top-most rankers to use a CDN?
Again not really. Surprisingly, almost 80% of the top e-commerce sites don’t even know what a CDN is? Its cost is probably one of the most prominent reasons for this ignorance.

8. Which is better CDNs or front-end optimization in terms of faster delivery of web pages?
Most of the companies who are desperate to increase their web page content delivery time prefer to use both the methods along with an application delivery controller (ADC).

9. Can CDN be used for video streamlining?
Yes, streamlining videos is possible using CDN services. This CDN network improves web performance and safely delivers streamlined videos from one page to another without any hassle.

10. What is the future of CDN?
Website owners are really enjoying a good time now-a-days. Earlier CDN services were costlier and difficult to afford, but now, its popularity is gaining day by day and services are available at affordable rates.

Above is the set of 10 question and answers that would help a user understand Content delivery network and web performance in a better way. Hopefully, you find this information useful and consider it while looking for content on CDN and web performance.

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