Automated Patch Management

Patch management is one of the great aspects of every enterprise infrastructure that defines an overall security of the organization. This is a better way to keep an organization protected by automating the application and OS updates. Throughout the information system, we have different areas under which we need to apply patches including servers, firewalls, operating systems, application suits etc. Implementing automated patch management will help in reducing manual interventions.

Different software vendors release their patches regularly into market. The patch management system should be in such way that all the patches should be verified on a development or sandbox testing environment before they pushed to all the systems that requires that patch.

Patch management working

The system with automated patch management involves installation of a component called agent which establishes a connection between computers the patches to be applied and the patch management server. This will also get patches locally to the target system before installing patches and try to apply the failed patches automatically until its successful installation.

Benefits of Automated Patch management

1. Security:

The most considering factor of any organization to have an automated patch management system is security. The main reason why software vendors release new patches is to fix the security effects that can be caused by a malware or by the people who tries to damage the infrastructure. Applying the security patches helps in reducing the risk factors like data loss and reputation issues.

2. Productivity:

An efficient automated patch system which helps in deploying the patches improves the productivity of company. In addition to data loss malware can cause system downtime which affects the productivity badly. Since vendors release patches, to apply for specific products based on some performance metrics that helps the employees to get rid of such kind of issues and leads to better productivity.

3. Extending to new features:

A patch from a vendor have new features, much more performance improvements, added functionalities and extended support for additional platforms. It gives more opportunities to extend the organization services in a productive manner.

Ringmaster APM:

Suneratech’s Automated Process Management (APM) is a tool powered by RingMaster corporation to support Oracle EBS users for an effective patch management process. The tool applies required patches automatically. We can analyze the impact of patches to be applied on our EBS environment before applying it. It also checks the prerequisites required for a specific patch and make the corresponding actions; and schedules the deployment of patch at anytime.

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