A Boon for the Android App Developers As Google Extends the Early Access Beta Program

With the recent technological advancements each day, it has become increasingly convenient for the users to avail these services. With the Google’s Play Store offering the ease of access and use of various applications by the smartphone users, people are spending endless time on their mobile phones as these keep them completely engrossed. The applications available on the Google Play Store can be downloaded and used on any smartphone with inbuilt Android or iOS Operating System.

An Overview of the ‘Early Access Beta Program’

Early access also known as the “Alpha Funding” is a technique used in the application development by providing alpha or beta versions of the app, through which a user can download the app, use it and then provide feedback over the same upon release of the app.

Earlier, the app developers did not use to publish or release their versions of the app which was unfinished or incomplete and relied on in-house testing by the developing team. The application development companies used this technique to prevent the piracy issues in context with their software. This was done to prevent their unique ideas being passed on to the competitors.

How Early Access Beta Program Has Helped the Android Developers?

In the earlier scenario, it was quite difficult for the app developers to receive proper feedback on the creations of their hard work. To stimulate the same, Google surpassed all boundaries by launching an Early Access Beta program for the Android Users which provides the following benefits to the Android developers:

  • Enables the Android app developers to reach their probable adopters (people who look out for the release of mobile applications to readily use them); at a very initial stage i.e.; the beta stage.
  • It lets the users discover a list of exciting, new applications to download on their smartphones.
  • Enables the Android app developers to run open beta tests for the applications developed by them.
  • Receive proper user feedback for the Android developers over the services provided and the parameters like efficiency, user friendliness and uniqueness.

One can make use of this program launched by the Google earlier this spring, by coordinating with early access or the beta programs. One can join the same by following some simple steps:

  • Open Google Play Store on your smartphone
  • There is a link provided for “early access” which one can reach out to see the list of “top charts” and “games”
  • Search out for the app you need an early access to
  • You can install the same by pressing the “Install” icon
  • Now you just to follow the set of instruction which would pop on your screen

Now, if a user selects an app which has yet not been released, then they shall be automatically directed in the beta program to access the same when the app launches. This serves as a boon to the Android app developers as they can easily test their app and its development to know about the progress of their hard work. It will prove crucial to the developers who do not have a very widespread and active community of users.

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