Google Unveils App Maker for Businesses

Google has launched App Maker, which is known as the newest entry in the low-code, drag and drop app building market. The tool allows you to quickly develop customized apps for a specific purpose in an organization or an app that suits your business requirements. All those who are less technical savvy or people other than full-time developers can be benefited by this amazing tool.

App maker includes a cloud-based drag-and-drop development environment, allowing you to build the user interface and populate with data from your G Suite applications, Contacts, Google Maps and many more. All these applications will then run on the same data center infrastructure like Google Calendar, Google Drive and Gmail. In addition, IT admins can also easily manage them in the same way as Drive and several other G Suite apps. The advantage which Google always wanted to give is that users don’t have to worry about any of the underlying infrastructure and they can develop apps that solve all their customized mobile app development needs without the need to hire a developer. In addition, all those users who are looking forward to delve deeper can accomplish this with the built-in scripting editor that looks like a fully featured IDE. This powerfulcloud-based IDE (integrated development environment) features built-in templates, a drag and drop UI and last but not the least, point-and-click data modelling for faster modelling and prototyping, which let developers create their own apps by significantly cutting the time required by professionals coders to develop customized mobile apps.

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Furthermore, the tool supports open and popular standards such as CSS, Javascript, HTML as well as Google’s material design visual framework, allowing developers to do optimum utilization of skills and knowledge. As per Google, it has already tested the tool with some of its larger enterprise clients who have developed apps for tracking login activity, monitoring office stock orders and for digitizing claims processes. It is believed that new data that has generated inside apps developed with the help of App Maker can be easily stored in a new service called Google Drive Tables. This is defined as a well-managed structured database that stores data in Google Drive. This amazing tool is available through Google’s Early Adopter Program for G Suite Business. Companies which are part of the early Adopter Program for G Suite Business will be at a higher chance to try out this tool before it is available to the public.

Apart from App Maker, Google has made an announcement of adding few enterprise applications to its “ Recommended for G Suite” program. This program checks that an app is well-integrated into G Suite and it has been tested for any kind of security issue. Some of the new apps which have been added to G Suite through this program include DocuSign, Zoho Invoice, Xero, Asana, Freshdesk and many more.

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