Improve Mobile App Launch by Leveraging PR for Apps

There is an incredible growth in the mobile app market and it is said that beyond being used by users for entertainment, smartphone apps are turning out to be an unmatched tool for businesses engaged in either e-commerce, medical and banking etc. In today’s digital era, consumers are spending a lot of time on their apps in comparison to desktop or mobile internet. So, if your company doesn’t have a mobile app, you are missing out the opportunities. On the other hand, small business owners or startups mistakenly believe thatsmartphone apps are for large corporations. This is because they think that such apps are industry specific and thus, believed that mobile-friendly website will suffice. However, in reality, business of any size can profit from a smartphone app to a great extent.

Whether you are a newly established firm or a seasoned veteran, apps can give your business the chance to interact with customers in a hassle-free manner. In addition to this, you can make your business stand out from your competitors by promoting it effectively. With mobile apps, you can reach to a large number of customers, allowing you to expand your customer base and drive sales. Therefore, mobile app launch for startups is of utmost importance which cannot be overlooked. There are numerous apps available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store and in order to your app from the rest of the competitors, it is important to leverage PR for apps. However, no experience in marketing or PR can make the promotion difficult. In this regard, check some Important Points While Developing a PR Strategy.

Do Proper Research

You are required to determine the target audience for your app and their needs. After conducting the research for prospective buyers, you can build the mobile app.

Check Visuals

Creating strong visuals is another most important step while strategizing PR for mobile apps. When your app showcases attractive icon, high-resolution pictures and precise description, you will be able to attract more customers to download it.

Consider Mobile Capabilities

Incorporating mobile platform capabilities in your app can give a better user experience, which paves the way for excellent reviews as well as increased number of users.

On the other hand, to execute the PR strategy of your app, you want people to talk about it. In this regard, there are some ways to put plan into action:

Build An Online Presence

You should create a webpage and social media accounts for your app. In other words, you can share interesting posts to attract a large social following.

Develop A Compelling Pitch

Reporters get several pitches from numerous developers and to distinguish from the rest, include things like app format, price and the mobile app launch date.

Target Relevant Audience

Choosing the right target plays a vital role in marketing your mobile app. So, you need to pitch your PR to only those reporters who seems interested in your product.

Accumulate Reviews

Good customer reviews act as a key to great PR for apps. Positive reviews on the app store or social media site can encourage a user to download your mobile app.

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Carefully crafting PR for apps strategies can surely increase the number of users for your mobile app.

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