Designing for Hololens

If you are an innovative thinker, Mixed Reality is the platform where you can drive out all your creativity completely. Before you start doing visual designs, it is necessary for you to understand the Hololens device deeply. During my initial stage with Mixed Reality platform, I struggled to create the workflow because of not having basic knowledge in Hololens. So in this article, I have explained some of the basic things that I have learned. I hope it will help you.

Small Field of View

Hololens has a narrow field of view, so you can’t view the holograms entirely like our eyes do. It has transparent display limit, if you move the sight away from the holograms, it will get immersed within that display.

Expectation in Hololens
Reality in Hololens

Hololens Behaviours

In Hololens, we can lock the UI elements or Holograms to particular behavior. Some different modes are:

Head lock

In Head lock mode, hologram is fixed to the eye view. Even if you turnaround, it will be fixed and always occupy the same position in your FOV. But, if you are assigning the UI elements to the headlock mode, user will not be able to interact with it.

Body lock

Body lock is locking UI elements with your body. If you turnaround, hologram will get aligned to your body and if you walk, it will follow you.

World lock

World lock is like pinning your screen to the environment and it will be there in the fixed area. It is like placing object in your table in the home, when you go away somewhere and come back it will be there in the same place.