To Hudson

A few weeks ago, I got a message from my cousin, announcing that her friend’s three year old boy Hudson was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

I stopped for a moment to remember the day that my son Sebastian’s got diagnosed. It was a sad Monday on August 2014 and Sebastian was only seven years old. I remember I felt scared and vulnerable. Our family’s life changed completely. I can still remember how afraid as a mother I was. I cried and prayed, however I continue doing what it was necessary and few years later, here we are. No matter how bad something looks like, there is always something good on the other side.

Because of that, Sebastian and I decided to send a message to Hudson and his family, to help him in any way to deal with this condition.

“Diabetes doesn’t mean anything, you can play soccer, you can play sports. All you have to watch out is eating…listen to your mom, go to the doctor…”

Sebastian, T1D, 10 years old

Hudson, we hope to meet you soon. In the meantime, rest assured you are going to be fine. Love,

Sebastian and Adriana