Buying guide to consider while purchasing a pen

Pen is perhaps the most essential instrument that you need every day. But there are lots of choices that need to be made for buying the perfect pen. For instance, there are hoards of choices that need to be made regarding brand, type, functional features and prices. The great varieties of pen with their specific functional features also tend to confuse us. But there is a guide that you should follow to ensure that you buy the right kind of pen. Here it is for your reference. Watch out right now.

· Style

Style refers to the aesthetic appeal of a pen. For instance, while some varieties come with purely metallic body, others have plastic body. Some of the variants have colorful visual appeal, others are chosen for their semi transparent frosty body. This is just an example of some of the styles. If you explore the online and physical stores, the range of styles available there will mesmerize you further. This signifies that you have to be definite about the style of pen that appeals to your tastes and preferences as part of your buying guide.

· Type

This is the second consideration that you should be sure about. It refers to the specifications of the ink, refill type, and other such functional features of a pen. Basically, the purpose for which you are buying a pen determines the type you would choose. For instance, if you wish to have fine and smooth writing experience where no pressure will be required then the perfect type for you would be a fountain pen. Similarly, if you are looking for a pen that would be convenient you use and would be perfect for writing for long hours then the ball point pen will be the ideal type for you. In nutshell it can be said, while taking the purchase decision you ought to be clear about the purpose for which you are deciding to buy a pen.

· Brand

Some people become a bit brand conscious when they intend to buy pens online or from physical stores. For them, brand signifies reliability of service and quality. Along with the choice of brands come the prices attached with them. For instance, luxury writing experience with a pen bought from the German brand Mont Blanc comes at lowest average price tag of Rs. 1500 approximately. On the other hand, smoothly gliding branded pens from the American manufacturer Reynolds come within the starting range of Rs. 100. On the other hand, luxury writing pens offered by Parker also starts at extremely pocket friendly prices.