Information about ball pens that need your attention

Pens of various categories have different significances at different phases in our lives. For instance, while we transit from pencils to pens we use the fountain pen. Likewise, we start using ball pens right from the time when we develop control over our handwriting. Although this ball pen becomes indispensible in later part of our lives, we hardly pay much attention to know about it in much detailed manner. But some information about this category of writing instrument that seek your attention have been shared below. Please spare some time to take a look at them.

· What are the major competitive advantages of these pens

The major advantage of ballpens is that they come with economical price tags. Thus, it can be said with conviction that a high school student can easily manage to purchase a ball point pen with his pocket money. The second advantage is that it is very easy to handle these pens. Thirdly, they are great writing instruments as far as making carbon copies are concerned. This is because pressure can be applied on these pens while writing, which is not possible in case of its delicate counterparts.

· What quality of ink is used which makes it different

The quality of ink used in these categories is of permanent variety. This attribute prevents washing away of texts written with these pens by water. Moreover, the ink also dries up fast, thereby making writings immune against accidental smudges. However, as far as the color of the ink of a ball pen is concerned, the options are limited. Royal blue, black and red are the predominant color options that are available. Even though sometimes a green colored variety of ink can also be found, but options other than this is usually not found. In addition to this, the ink of these pens is also weather proof in nature and usually does not dry out during winters.

· How long can a ballpoint pen last?

There is no specific tenure regarding the longevity of ballpoint pen. While some can last for years, others can get damaged within weeks. Thus, it is better to say that the longevity of these pens vary by and large.

· What are the usual problems that are encountered while using ballpens

The usual problems that you can encounter regarding their longevity is that they might falter in performance and tend to blob while writings. Sometimes you might find skipped texts in your handwritten script because the ink does not flow properly. At other times, the tiny ball inserted at the nib, which is of the pen for making it glide smoothly while writing might come out accidentally! Eventually, the pen will stop working anymore and tend to bleed profusely from the open mouth of the nib. A common case of back flowing of ink from these pens is also reported quite often.

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