Top Five Fountain Pen Brands

Fountain pens are fine writing tools with an in-built reservoir or cartridge for storage and continuous flow of ink through the nib. Fountain pens are one of the oldest writing equipments and require more skill and attention to use. But, the end results are way better and finer than a regular ballpoint pen.

The earliest record of a fountain pen dates back to the 10th century, but the pens, as we know them now, were designed and patented by Mr. Waterman in America. Fountain pens are usually available in three types of refilling systems i.e. cartridge filling system, dropper filling system and piston filling system. Following is a non-exhaustive list of world’s top five fountain pen brands -

· Lamy - Lamy pens are worldwide famous for their practical and stylish designs. They have pens on offer for a wide range of customers. The brand dates back to the year 1930 and has been immensely popular among the connoisseurs since then. Some of the best products from the house of Lamy are LAMY 2000, LAMY Safari LAMY studio.

· Parker - Parker pens, named after George Safford Parker are a universal mark of luxury. Some of the most famous fountain pens from the shelf of Parker are Parker Sonnet, Jotter and Vector. Parker enjoys a very upmarket group of consumers and is commercially available all over the world.

· Pilot - Smart looks with the smoothest writing and affordable price are the three key factors that define Pilot pens. Pilot pens are best recommended for the beginners who are yet to master the art of writing with a fountain pen. This Japanese company also features some fine luxury pens with maki-e lacquer art designs.

made in Germany pens

· Kaweco - Kaweco pens are legendary for their impeccable quality and fine writing. It is one of the oldest brands in the market and its pens are a result of fine quality craftsmanship. The made in Germany pens are manufactured with constant innovation with the brand’s rich tradition. Some of the best picks from Kaweco are Elegance and Classic Sports series.

· Pelikan - Pelikan pens are manufactured by a Germany-based company popular for its distinctive styling. The brand is also famous for its distinctive piston-filling method.

Popular brands like these manufacture fountain pens in intricate designs. The limited edition pieces from these brands are mementos to possess. Most of the fine writing pen brands sell their products online, so you can build your collection right from your home.