Types of pens to choose from

Can you think of a single day when you would not need a pen? Perhaps, your answer would be ‘no’. This is because this mighty writing instrument is an essential part of our contemporary lives where we use it for varied purposes. Thus, while you need a pen for making a list of grocery items that you would need to buy daily, the same writing equipment will be needed for signing a cheque too. However, the types of pen you would choose depends upon the purpose you want to accomplish with it. Here is a concise guide on choosing pens that fit your purpose. Read ahead now.

· Ballpoint pen

If you need a pen that can be used without any hassle then the ballpoint is the best alternative for you. The viscous ink of these pens is absolutely waterproof. Yet another good thing about this category of pens is that you will find one that fits within your pocket. Thus, while you can always go for high quality and branded products like Parker sonnet, there are local brands as well that come with much cheaper price tags.

· Fountain pen

It is said that fountain pen is for the person who has a classic taste. This classic pen as an ink reservoir through which the liquid ink flows out of the nib. Fountain pens have a great deal of contribution in enhancing the aesthetic quality of a person’s handwriting too. Perhaps, this is the dominant reason why the pens of this category are chosen when we make a transition from pencil to pen. The price range of these pens is slightly higher as compared to ballpoint pens. While you can buy a pen that is moderately priced, if you are sophisticated then you can always go for expensive and branded fountain pens too.

· Gel pen

If you want something that gives the smoothness of flow like fountain pen and smudge proof and water proof attributes like the ballpoint pen then gel pen will be ideal for you. Thus, in a way it can be said that the magic of these pens lie in their gel based ink. These pens are quite pocket friendly. As a result of this particular attribute, they are popular among a wide range of customers that include both students and professionals.

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