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Today’s Republican is not yesterdays Republican. While I have never understood the deceptive and mostly hypocritical thinking of the Pro-Life crowd, actually Por-fetus, in past decades Republicans at least had the power of Reason. No so much now. 
It does not make since that they would outlaw Abortion and declare war on Birth Control while at the same time pointing their crooked finger at any woman who does not want to have a child as being a promiscuous slut or after the birth, if she cannot afford to care for the child, a loser, moocher etc. 
It is obvious Republicans, like many kids that begin drinking or using drugs in their early teens, never progressed psychologically past those early yrs. 
What no one discusses is the obvious issue of overpopulation today. They refuse to acknowledge their hypocrisy concerning the concept of women wanting to plan a pregnancy as opposed to having one forced on them by legislative means most often driven by religious fanaticism. 
The double standard is stark. If the roles were reversed abortion would not only be legal but widely available and most probably encouraged. Let men have to deal with the risks and costs of pregnancy on their own and it would be a matter of months before new laws were written allowing men to abort at any time w/o constraint. 
The church is against abortion because it needs to continue to “grow it’s flock”. With declining participation in organized religion they have their backs against the wall. The gov. wants to limit abortion because they need fodder for their cannons and it’s always easy to find poor people to kill other poor people. If you pay attention, Military Recruiters will not be found in upper middle class or affluent H.S. or college campuses, neither do not roam the malls in search of recruits in in those neighborhoods. In fact when they have tried, those communities have sang out in protest. 
I find Pro-Lifers abhorrent in their hypocrisy.

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