Honesty does something interesting to people. It shows you care more for what’s important — them.

Here’s the thing about how some organizations go about marketing. They’re embarrassed by negative features. So, they either hide these features outright or they transmogrify a weakness into a supposed benefit. “Our weaknesses don’t…

There are two kinds of companies in our world today.

We are mostly made aware of storyteller companies. They push out the concept of what they would like their brand to be with paid advertising or public relations placement.

Then, there are the rare storydoer companies. They use direct action…

What do the words “unique” and “priority” have in common?

Both are meant to be a singular occurrence. When you describe something as “unique,” you are saying that nothing else like it exists. It is singular.

The word “priority” was introduced to the English language in the 1400s. No one had priorities during those first 500 years. After all, from an etymological standpoint, the word describes a first or prior thing.

There are no stages of uniqueness. Something cannot be more unique. Likewise, if something is first, how can it have an equal?

We struggle with priorities because we dilute the power of the concept. Only one thing can be unique. Only one thing can be a priority.

Originally published at helpmesayit.com on February 9, 2018.

No, not because of the grocery chain’s acquisition by Amazon. I see some interesting opportunities available to both companies.

What bugs me is the email message I received from Whole Foods Market about this news.

“Dear Valued Shopper,” it begins.

Hey, Whole Foods–I’ve got a name. You have it in your database. And don’t play coy about it. Your email conveniently tells me about the Whole Foods Market closest to my location. If i really am one of your “most loyal customers,” as you tell me I am a bit later in the email message, shouldn’t you acknowledge the depth of our relationship by using my name?

After all, I wouldn’t tell people I plan to go shopping at a Valued Grocery Store.

So sayeth the StickMonkey

Originally published at stickmonkeystudios.com on June 16, 2017.

Kawika Maszak

Founder and Chief Wordologist at Help Me Say It. Read all of his writing at www.stickmonkeystudios.com and www.helpmesayit.com.

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