Within 10 to 30 years in the future, I think my job would be replaced by AI. It is not entirely impossible. At least, that’s the future what I want to live in. In the next few paragraphs, I will try to elaborate my opinion. (Disclaimer: This post contains mostly my personal opinions, facts or references will be provided when necessary. so be nice with your comments. 😊 )

Think of this scenario, you would like to have an enquiry ticketing system that’s designed and implemented specifically for your business operations to improve customer enquiries handling. …

I often came across software engineers put their tech stack online. Here is my highly personal choice of tech stack as of November 2016:

Command Line — Hyper

I like its “cmd+d” and “cmd+shift+d” shortcute for split view. Its comes with great plugin system.

Editor — Visual Studio Code

Back when I was pursuing my education, Sublime Text editor has always been my go to editor choice. I like its “cmd+d” shortcut to select similar words and open the cursor for each of the selected words. It was just very neat and fast.

I also enjoyed the “go to definition” shortcut found in IDE like Xcode or Eclipse or NetBeans. …

It was around late 2015 to early 2016, I started to seriously put efforts into picking up ReactJS. Before that, I was mainly doing MEAN stack for various school or freelance projects and read up about React here and there. Coming from AngularJS background, I found React to have very high learning curve, though on the other hand I have experienced the “bad performance” of Angular which made me tend towards React even more.

There were lots of things that just took me quite awhile to figure out. How does everything work in a ReactJS App? What’s “state”? How does the “one-way data flow” flux pattern actual works in practice? …

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