How to Fix a Broken iPhone Screen?

Changing an iPhone screen, tips to know

First reason to iphone Repair, the broken screen is as spectacular as easily replaceable. A good dose of patience, meticulousness and the right tools are enough to accomplish miracles! What tools? A set of matching small screwdrivers, tweezers, spatulas and a suction cup. Excluding internal components, an iPhone consists of a touch screen on an LCD screen nested in a chassis. On the iPhone 3GS and above, it is possible to change the touch screen only, without replacing the LCD screen. On subsequent iPhone models, however, the glass is glued to the LCD screen: it is mandatory to opt for a preassembled screen. The simplest solution? Opt for a repair kit suited to your iPhone model. It contains all the instruments and parts needed to replace your screen. Note, however, that an iPhone repaired by you cancels its Apple warranty.

Repairing a Broken iPhone Screen: Disassembling

To disassemble your broken iPhone screen, a golden rule: proceed slowly and smoothly. Do not pull, force, or tear anything! Spread a tray, a compartmented box, an egg carton, or a sheet of white paper to place the pieces at your sides. Turn off your Smartphone and remove the SIM card. Select an image or video tutorial on the Internet, detailing the steps with precision: if they are not complicated, they are numerous and meticulous. This is to disassemble all the components of your iPhone, in order to access the screen, in the chassis. An additional precaution? With each screw you remove.

Repairing a Broken iPhone Screen: Reassembling

The golden rule remains the same. Are you having trouble reassembling a component? Do not force yourself. If the parts do not just fit, you may have made a mistake in editing: go back, watch the tutorial carefully and try again. Similarly, once the broken screen of your iPhone replaced and the Smartphone reassembled, turn it on. Navigate and test the touch screen. If you notice any malfunction, note it. Then turn off your iPhone again, remove the SIM card and disassemble it. A single connector that is not properly reconnected may be sufficient to disrupt its operation. Feel free to do some research on the Internet.