Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands of World

Ever since the beginning of time we humans have considered clothing as a major aspect of life. Our ancestors used clothes mainly for survival against harsh weather conditions and to keep them warm and fuzzy. This still remains the root purpose of wearing clothes, but as the years passed clothing became more of a social aspect than a basic survival requirement. Firstly, it was just animal skin, but after the discovery of cotton and other raw materials the way we saw clothing also changed. In the present world, we have millions of clothing styles to choose from and hundreds and thousands of fashion brands selling them. Clothing, as I said before is a social aspect and people often try to dress up in the best possible way to uphold their status.

The major decisive factor when it comes to is choosing a famous brand name. but what are the top clothing brands in the world? Here I have compiled the top 10 in the present year and almost all the companies I have mentioned are advertised and have contracts with the top models and famous actress and actresses around the world. Just so you know, along with the status of being top brands these brands are also some of the most expensive brands as well.


This infamous company was founded by Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani, who is a famous fashion designer from Italy. Valentino is not just a single brand but divided into various lines like Valentino, Valentino Roma, Valentino Garavani and R.E.D. This brand rose into fame in the early 1970’s thanks to the immense popularity of the founder and by 1980’s this brand had a control over the fashion market in the whole of Europe. This brand mostly focuses on female clothing and specialises in gowns and evening wears. Thanks to its immense popularity the production rose sky high and thus the prices was considerably reduced making it one of the most sought after, loved and affordable luxury clothing brand.

This company has many fashion designers constantly working on new fashion clothing and the use of dark and bold colours I known to make women fall instantly fall in love with them. Valentino is currently having showrooms across the globe and is popularly known by the name Valentino SpA.


Italy since a long time has been known as the capital for fashion and is no doubt is home for a lot of famous fashion designers and brands. One such brand which was founded by an Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace is Versace. This company was founded back in 1978 and has its headquarters in Milan. The logo of this company is a Greek mythological women Medusa and like her this company too made everyone insanely fall in love with the clothing designs in the first look.

Versace is well known for producing other products like Jewellery luxury, home furnishing and clothing accessories. During the brand’s initial days, the designers designed a famous black dress for Elizabeth Harley which was famously known as “that dress”. This company is always coming up with the best of the top trending clothing and sweeps the trend lovers off the feet. However, it has always been a luxury brand and often see the wardrobes of only rich and famous people.


Guess is the among the top fashion brands which was founded in USA. The headquarters of Guess is located in Los Angeles and one of the most sought after clothing brand for both men and women. Along with clothing Guess also specialises in other clothing accessories like jewellery, watches, shoes and perfumes. Guess opened its first store in Beverly Hills and is known for producing the first designer jeans.

During its peak time, Guess outclassed a lot of popular American companies like Gap, Calvin Klein, Diesel and many more. In an effort to increase its brand name the company also started a line of kids clothing by the name GUESS kids.


One of the top brands from France, Dior was founded by Bernard Arnault who is also the chairman of the company. This retailer company was founded back in 1946 and presently has its outlets worldwide and has close to 210 branches worldwide. This company mainly focuses on women clothing and also produces other goods like footwears, make up kits and skin care products. Although started by the designer Christian Dior the company was not stable until it was taken over by Bernard and his business.

Guess is famous for producing a variety of designer clothes any mainly focuses on patterns and colours. Although clothing has been a major marketing product Guess also specialises in ladies’ purse and handbags.

6.Marc Jacobs

Before I tell you anything about the company let me first give you a brief idea about Marc Jacobs himself. Born inApril 9th 1963, Jacobs started his career working as creative director for Louis Vuitton. By 2010 Jacobs was listed three by time’s magazine as one of the 100 must influential people in the world. With such raging success, Jacobs without hesitation started his own fashion company using his own name. even though It did not have a grand kick off the company soon picked up pace in the fashion industry and currently has more than 200 stores in over 80 countries. His designs are of the highest quality and sure enough started a lot of trends.

Such brilliant designs however do not come at an affordable price and only the richest and the wealthiest of have all people can have the luxury of owning a designer cloth by Marc Jacobs. Due to his brilliance in cloth designing Marc Jacobs even won the Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters award.


Even though this company comes fifth in the list, Armani is one of the most popular clothing brands in the world. It was started by the Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani in the year 1934. The brand became particularly famous for men’s clothing and is currently among the richest clothing brand in the world. Armani has also a wide variety of clothing accessories including shoes, jewellery, watches, shades, purses and wallets. The popularity of this brand has spread so much that even the products are deemed expensive people around the world still spend their money on them, such is the quality and designs of the products. Armani himself is a world-renowned fashion designer and specifically specialises in red-carpet fashion designing.

So, it’s no wonder that we find a lot of Armani’s on the red carpet around the world.

4.Dolce and Gabbana

Yet another Italian based company Dolce and Gabbana or as known to the world by the name D&G, this company was established in 1985 and is owned by two best buds in the fashion industry Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Even though Italy has a lot of other fashion company not any of them is as successful as this company and also, well established. The major markets for this company are Japan and USA. D&G started off with women’s wear and the demand increased it also produced swimsuits and underwear costumes.

This company has also made an impact on sports industry by being the jersey designer for the Serie A team AC Milan, England club Chelsea FC and many more.


Prada is yet another Italian company which stated in the early 1900’s and ever since has been as one the most expensive and best designer clothing brand in the world.

During its initial days, the movie and award shows was slowly turning into a buzz creators and Prada made good use of this opportunity and started designing some of the best designer works for women, which also included accessories like handbags, shoes and wallets. It’s currently preferred by a lot of actors and actresses around the world.


The company is owned by Alain and Gerard Wertheir, the most recognised fashion designers from France. This company specialises in designs that are unique and distinguishable from the rest of the designs. Along with clothing, this company also produces Handbags, fragrance and shoes.

This company is more than a century old and thus has a generation of satisfied actors and actresses and also the rich people. Though expensive the clothes that are designed by Chanel is undoubtedly among the top in the world.


The number 1 on the list Gucci is a leading producer of some of the world’s best designer clothes and unique and innovative clothing types for red carpets. Since the beginning this company has always been around the film industry and thus rose to popularity.

Gucci has a long list of products including watches, perfumes, handbags, belts etc. from 1921 till today Gucci’s production and popularity never went down. Gucci is currently the most booked and sought after fashion Brands company in the film industry

Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands of World

· Gucci

· Chanel

· Prada

· Dolce and Gabbana

· Armani

· Marc Jacobs

· Dior

· Guess

· Versace

· Valentino

That’s the list of top 10. It’s evident from the TV that we watch every day that these company are always mentioned in the ‘wardrobe curtesy’. Company such as these often work closely with film actors and come up with some great, innovative and trend setting clothing designs. Of course, average earning person can’t afford these company clothes but in the recent developments the values are declining and soon these brands which mainly focus on models and award function will soon be the brands that can be accessible to all. Till then Let’s just hope the company designers of this company won’t run out of ideas.

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