Well, it isn’t entirely fair to say that communism = authoritarianism.
Jacob Boháček

Can’t have communism in chaos. Chaos = freemarket to the most aggressive point. To force people to work for everyone’s benefit, a communist state employs authoritarian power. Jacob, it’s simple. You may be better than someone else at something, quicker, smarter. If you’re both rewarded the same, or if there’s a cap to how much you can be rewarded, you lose motivation or find ways to earn that out of the watchful eye of the all-powerful state.

Communism didn’t end because it collapsed into extreme inequality. It WAS extreme inequality. It collapsed because people how saw other ways of life wanted them instead of Communism. You cannot keep people blind forever, like North Korea tries to. Eventually, the horrendous suffering that people like Mao, Kim Jong Il/Un , Stalin, Lenin, Guevarra, Castro and more bring to MUST END.

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