Relying on analysts, product managers or developers to do so, automatically means we rely more on somebody’s interpretation, and have a harder time applying it to the design process
Why UX Designers Don’t Need More UX Design Tools
Alexey Ivanov

Dear Alexey,

I read your article with great interest, but I have a strong feeling that you’re going Rambo in a team game. A designer who’s also a developer, data analyst, product manager, stop me when I listed a job you don’t want a designer to do.

There’s a good reason companies hire people for specific jobs, say a developer, or a product manager. Sure, it helps to know the connections, but placing your ego first and foremost and trying to solo a level that clearly wasn’t meant for soloing is either intended for a genius (which you may be, I don’t know), or someone who doesn’t work in a company which appreciates collaboration (which can be VERY frustrating) and feels like he HAS to do everything himself, or he won’t get the full picture.

I hope you DO work for a company which has great collaboration, allowing designers not to get coding, or product managers who must also be expert designers. Mostly, I think that is a Lean and Agile company, in which collaboration is necessary to success. Good reading and good luck.

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