I suddenly felt what I’m sure many 2nd generation immigrants feel, whatever country they’re from. I felt like I belonged to no place. Americans saw me as Puerto Rican, and Puerto Rican islanders saw me as a NuyoRican, not truly Puerto Rican.
Olympic Gold Guilt
Danny Cerezo

Nothing unique about this, most immigrants feel this. But you have to make a choice — which is your homeland. It’s obviously not Puerto Rico. You wouldn’t have been there what you were in the USA. It’s nice to have “options” on the table. But USA IS what it IS, because people blend their identities. Italians and Irish don’t dream of going back to their countries of origin. People escaped the hell that is Southern America and begged the US government to let them stay, not in the hopes that one day their children will think they’re Novo-Colombians. There’s a solid reason Mexico is trying to immigrate en-mass to USA. To give their children a better chance. No country or culture is equal to one another, and there are better opportunities for people in some countries than in others.

USA is one of those countries, with an alarming rise in PC culture and racial tension that is fueled by complacency and lack of sense of “this isn’t permanent”.

Good luck