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This article is translated from my original post in Japanese at friend’s request.

What is Design Systems

According to Create Component-Based Websites with Design Systems

Design system structure from Create Component-Based Websites with Design Systems

Design System: The complete set of design standards, documentation, and principles along with the toolkit (UI patterns and code components) to achieve those standards.


All thoughts started from class presentation at BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology), and I got excited attending in Style and Class Conference

One day, facing with the presentation on own portfolio works, most of classmates were struggling with how slow and heavy their websites are. …

This article is all about my experience working as system engineer in Tokyo, inspired by Doing Business In Japan by Patrick McKenzie and the translated version by Shu Uesugi.

I am Japanese and used to work at IT company, which is often categorized as “System Integrator,” in Tokyo for about…

Emmet, Compass mixins, Autoprefixer

Browser compatibility is critical issue in web development, and as new CSS properties and browser version appear, we are messed up with them.

Every time you write CSS for production, you have to search in No; Don’t spend too much time considering vender prefix, and let’s automate it.

Option1: Emmet for Sublime Text


Some of my friends had problems after upgrading to Yosemite, and asked me to fix the issues. These are what I did for them.


MAMP did not work notifying Apache Server not Started. This is because of MAMP’s bug as @mamp_en tweeted.

So, just go to the directory below…


Design Engineer / Coffee Lover

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