This article is translated from my original post in Japanese at friend’s request.

What is Design Systems

According to Create Component-Based Websites with Design Systems

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Design system structure from Create Component-Based Websites with Design Systems

Design System: The complete set of design standards, documentation, and principles along with the toolkit (UI patterns and code components) to achieve those standards.


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Farmnote products

Farmnote, the company I’m working for, is an IT startup providing a herd management system for the dairy and livestock industry. The domain knowledge is quite broad and deep, which makes our workflow unique.

Why We Need Design System

Prior to the new design system, Farmnote already built design systems for a current web-based product before I joined, however, the reasons for creating the new one…

All thoughts started from class presentation at BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology), and I got excited attending in Style and Class Conference

One day, facing with the presentation on own portfolio works, most of classmates were struggling with how slow and heavy their websites are. At that time, what I knew for improving performance was;

  • Decreasing HTTP Request
  • Scaling down file sizes
  • Checking the result by Chrome developer tool (> network)

I have just heard Rendering Block issue before, but did not know specifically what to do. Surprisingly the next day when I attended in Style and Class Conference in Vancouver, one of the topic was “Improving Smashing Magazine’s Performance”. …

This article is all about my experience working as system engineer in Tokyo, inspired by Doing Business In Japan by Patrick McKenzie and the translated version by Shu Uesugi.

I am Japanese and used to work at IT company, which is often categorized as “System Integrator,” in Tokyo for about 4 years, and am now studying in Canada. Following case is based on my experience in only one company, and my friends regarded the company as “having so much better working condition compared with the standard in the industry”.

What I was doing?

In Japan, term “system engineer” is ambiguous. It does not always mean the engineer is engaged in engineering like software development, as Mr. …



Design Engineer / Coffee Lover

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