Roukaya Said
Oct 9, 2015 · 1 min read

I was told.

Don’t go there it’s too dangerous !

There is nothing to see !

You are wasting you time

Ar the end, I went and I’m telling you it was the best trip I ever did in my life so far.

On the streets, at the hostel, everywhere else than home you will learn something different. Just by looking at people, listening, Feeling….

How peolpe greets , talks , connect with each other in a daily life.

Being in your confortable zone may lead you at this level on the way.

However going out there, meeting people, having troubles and being in a foreign country is the fastest way to open your mind and accept challenges.

Either this opportunity being an exchange semester, summer class, business meeting…

Be completely integrated in your mind and behaviour to the country you shall live on.

Roukaya Said

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