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May 6, 2018 · 1 min read

"Time is gold." You chose how to invest in it.

Last month, I started my journey as Mentor in Digital Marketing et E-business.

This week I had my first meeting with Ichraf Fella, Msc student in Corporare Finance at Inseec Msc and Mba.

Listening, motivating, advising and encouraging friends, colleagues have always been big part of my life during my free time.

Being a part and contribute to the successful journey or career of another individual is a wonderful feeling.

"Alone, you may able to climb a moutain but together we can stand on top of it."

Back when I was as student,I wish I could receive this mentoring.

Honestly, you feel so lost when wandering in the work market. You will choose between Salary or Experience, Corporates or Startup, Home or abroad, and the hours you are waiting for a reply of HR which will never comes a lot of times or the struggle of the Visa procedure.

You just need to start your journey.

Roukaya Said

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