Astronaut Pluto

“Apply major pressure, you better be weary
You bout to get your 'ish, dog you gon' get your 'ish
The preacher gonna say a scripture, I’m asking for forgiveness
I hear the streets callin’, all the little ghetto children
Future all they know, astronaut pluto, numero uno
Im coming for your throat
Bitch I gotta have it, I know you waitin' to taste it..."
- Futureback, Future

Cafe Istanbul, Atl’, stop in back of da club,
Where Future powers the Arab streets, channel to Cairo,
On tha wire, trap music education, in Gaza ghettos,
Banging them ghetto children in Beruit with free slave beats,

Got a package from Baghdad with the blow and the kush,
Astral time machine, here desert beats reflect back black love,
Slim fraction, white, and they know there's no Jim Crow here,
West Atl' Berlin, in Klanland, we hit the pipe, loaded with DMT,

We need some shamanic psychedelic help to figure out,
How to restore the streets, clean off the pork and feed our kids,
I'm missing everything but fear, this first trip takes me back,
500 years, next day walk by a dusty ass book,

Islamic Science and the European Renaissance, 
Masta Copernicus stole that North African secret,
Rest was history, ... 'til now, at the edge of geopolitical apocalypse,
Climate change issues forth, a new need for Islamic Finance,

The preacher delivers a scripture to him over there, to me, to Future,
In three fortune cookies after take out Chinese UberEats,
We slow down, minds blown, step back and kick our feet up,
Rest is details, Agent Orange will soon taste, the love of da streets,

West Virginia rednecks, Atlanta trap dwellers, Hezbollah and Hamas lovers,
Soon get it from the tracks that blow out the mind of the proles,
WE ARE ALL THE SAME, click it back and apply major pressure,
There are some easy ways to fuck up Capital City and get our shit back.

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