“I hide in the mop closet and listen, my heart beating in the dark, and I try to keep from getting scared, try to get my thoughts off someplace else — try to think back and remember things about the village and the big Columbia River, think about one time Papa and me were hunting birds in a stand of cedar trees near The Dalles.”

- One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Ken Kesey

I feel like a beaten dog, beaten by my desire for food and shelter,

Tonight, would rather be the man begging me on Hennepin,

In the doghouse, didn’t pay rent on time, just started a job,

Prep cooking food, my landlord wants to fuck me in the ass,

I am all for LGBT rights, but as it seems in Napa $900/mo,

…and a wine induced fuck is rent, didn’t say that on Craigslist,

Spiritual house, community, well a caged dog will bite,

Shattering glass of a shower door was the omen to get out,

Eat the rich, digger wisdom says, trust the soil, not some blue blood,

Telling you to lie in it, around Lake Calhoun landlord asks,

Do you love me? Can a dog love his master? I mean she feeds him,

She gives him shelter, and affection, but something is off,

The dog has to pay rent in licks, wags, and ball chases,

Master can’t fuck her dog, can’t get off on canine penis,

…and that is where it breaks down, beat the dog with silence and glares,

As soon as the dog finds the faintest scent of a true love,

It’s to the backyard and a bullet to the brain,

Better to be a wolf, long in teeth, ruthless and wild,

Ready to kill on a moments notice, dogs fucked up,

Alpha wolves protect their own, not selling out to humans,

…and live happily ever after with the peace that at least their savage ways,

Bring freedom, and a warm home for their young, this desire for the lamb,

To lie down with the wolf is insanity, a crazy farmer king’s dream,

The world is red in tooth in claw, father taught me right, hunt to provide,

…and attack anyone who tries to take advantage of you viciously,

There the beaten dog and wolf have something in common,

When it’s on the line, we revert back to those old ways,

Primitive where the only ideals are survival, food and shelter.