Hezbollah Never Hurt Me

Brother Hasan never hurt a fly

It's night, gaa wiijigaabawitaadiwaad

Accountable relationships

I never made a situation

There's rice outside, wild strains

Pumping metals into vacuoles

Under the silent grace of solar light

Al-Baqarah, I'm not afraid here

I have no woman afraid of Qur'an

Here, she's gone in Madison

She's here in a way, yoga experiences

Jesus might have been Indian

An experienced heyoka, divine clown

Riddles, puzzles, lies, and a distillation

Take the plank out of your eye

Before you take the hydrogen bomb

From Him, and Him, and Him, and Him

You know a lot has not changed

Urine in the freezer, Wal-Mart said

It was unleaded, not lead but a fly flew by

She's so beautiful, kisses dogs

With her hands, liberation

A cut, blow as always simple base

Tweet a dogs jaw marks on me

Does it have arsenic in it?

She is smart, tired, cold, veils

Haram, long before she was born

Hezbollah never hurt me

I'm afraid of fallout in my rice

ABC transporters

She's a friend, not unlike Mary

Quiet silent ironwood

Not a flamboyant flame

Carries no knives no weapons

No tricks no face but a smile

Hiding this small hope

These dogs might know

To be alive and drink water

Is to filter water

The bomb went off long ago

They never hurt me

Arsenic rice is all I know

Great Satan, Iblis is not hidden here

In this refugee camp, rice cleans water

Free, solar powered quiet

No fear, New York and San Francisco

Are vaporized, I pray for the revealing

I pray for Armageddon please

I know for that the food of choice

Is free of arsenic and I am free

I am free to listen to Qur'an

To shoot back, defense survival

Self for clan this night she's asleep

...and knows, hides afraid and sick

Run lift jump, think back

back to them

There where

Hezbollah never hurt me

Why was he Geronimo to Seal team 6?

Arsenic rice, mercury water