Readership of Web Developer Club: Entry into Arabic-English-German Refugee AIPoet Bot to Teach Public About Western-Middle Eastern Dialog via Facebook Messenger

Dear Breathe Publication,

Can you publish this? I have a friend in Damascus that is trying despirately to get out to Germany and this post will help share what we are working on regarding an AI poetry bot to build a bridge between West and Middle East via Facebook Messenger.

The idea is that I wrote this poem in English:

The Descent of Man And then there was Light, E = mc² was revealed by the Sun, M = E/c² was employed by man to wage war after Trinity, Albert Einstein must have been of black and white human natures, It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom, Mountains do not do politics, Today, we are creating deserts, Tomorrow, we will build the mountains peacefully, I do not know how the Third World War will be fought, But I can tell you what they will use in the Fourth — rocks! The rock of Abraham, Kaaba (inorganic matter — black stone), Will out live all Life, organic matter, on earth, The Sun will enter a state of decline, a nova, And all matter in the Solar System will be reunited as One, Time will pass, and the finite creation will return to the Infinite Absolute Void of God, Thus completing the cycle of creation.

…and through several years of digging on Facebook, met Danya Al Hallak and she started the Web Developer Club. From there, I met a guy in Saudi Arabia who hand translated it to Arabic:

اصل الانسان و هنالك ضوء بُعِث من الشمس ووظّف من قبل شخص لشنّ حرب على الثالوث المقدس يتوجب على البرت اينشتاين ان يملك طبائع الانسان الشريرة والطاهرة من الصعب القضاء على التحيز من الذرة لا تهتم الجبال بالسياسة اليوم نحن نخلق/ نكوّن الصحارى غدا سنقيم الجبال بسلام لا اعلم كيف ستُخاض الحرب العالمية الثالثة لكن بإمكاني اخبارك ماذا سيستخدمون في الصخور الرابعة صخرة ابراهام, الكعبة المشرفة مادة غير عضوية — الحجر الاسود ستصمد/ستعمّر/ ستنجو من الموت ,مادة عضوية على الارض ستدخل الشمس في حالة من الانحدار والهبوط, نوفا(نجم يسطع لدرجة مفاجئة ثم العودة الى حالته الاصلية خلال بضعة اشهر) وستتّحد كل عناصر النظام الشمسي سيمضي الوقت, وستعود الخليقة المحدودة الى الفراغ المطلق اللامحدود لله

Now, I am looking at AI as a way to make bots to get people dialoging across Western-Middle Eastern divide using poetry and translation both by hand and machine to see the limits of what can actually be translated across languages by either machines or humans.

I am inviting Danya now on Facebook ( to co-author articles with me. She deserves to be given a voice as she represents millions of oppressed people in Syria.


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