Vitiligo and Its Causes

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Vitiligo is termed as a medical condition in which areas of skin lose their normal pigment and become white. It can start at any age and can happen to any individual and the course it takes is also unpredictable as it varies from a single small patch to total loss of skin color.

Melanin gives your skin its normal color and it’s made by cells known as melanocytes. And melanocytes is generally absent where patches of vitiligo are there on the body. Vitiligo is considered as an ‘autoimmune’ condition in which the body’s own immune system rejects some of its cells. As a result, diseases like thyroid and other autoimmune conditions are found commonly in individuals with vitiligo.

Vitiligo affects men and women of all races equally, and is very much noticeable in people with dark colored skin. As per the researches, Vitiligo was found to be a genetic disease where one of the members of the family was already suffering from the same condition. Vitiligo generally has irregular shaped patches of skin that lack the normal melanin pigmentation, and are thus completely white. It is often symmetrical, affecting both sides of the body and there is no itchiness or roughness as such.

The most common areas where vitiligo is mostly found are the hands and face, around body openings (the eyes, nostrils, mouth, umbilicus and genital regions), and within body folds such as the underarms and groin. It can also affect the hair where the hair roots turn white.

Vitiligo condition and its treatment are very much dependent on what you eat and what you restrict.

Food items like Curd, Tamarind, Tomato, Onion, Papaya, Green chili, Pickles, Citrus fruits & Citrus fruit items juices as oranges, lemon, grapes, sea food, fish and red meat should be restricted. Oily, spicy food & non vegetarian food intake should be lowered. Stressful conditions, areas with higher level of pollution must also be avoided during Vitiligo as these conditions enhance the levels of toxins in the human body.

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