A 626 microadventure

I left work as usual, no-one, not even I was aware of what awaited me on the cusp of my very 1st 6–6 microadventure. Armed with a backpack stuffed with a sleeping bag, tarp, mat, Bivvy bag, a can of cider, an egg butty and the new jack reacher novel I set forth from the work car park, leaving my trusty vehicle under the watchful eyes of the security cameras. I walked for 2 miles until I reached the highest point in the area, overlooking the beautiful deeply vale. I found a small mossy ridge next to a small tree surrounded by bilberry bushes, the perfect location. I tried hopelessly to pitch a tarp and quickly gave up the idea…it wasn’t going to rain! ( I hoped). Sleeping bag and bivvy bag was deployed, then I spent a good 20 minutes blowing the bloody mattress up!

The view was amazing as the sun was setting over holcombe hill in the distance. I felt alive, and not even the least bit sleepy which was good because the cows, sheep and birds had other ideas of giving me a peaceful night! About 2am everything went suddenly quiet, it was very eerie the only sound was the constant drone of the traffic on the nearby M62.

I awoke with a start as I realised a harvestman spider was route marching over my face, I panicked and threw it , quite undignified across to my backback where it joined about 10 of his mates who were obviously awaiting his return.

I was amazed — it was 4.45 and the sun was trying break through already. The start of a normal work day, and I am writing this as I pack everything back into the bright blue rucksack ready for the journey back to my car. Nobody will be the wiser of my little adventure, and I will try not to just blurt it out to everyone i meet in abject excitement! I loved my first bivvy and I can tell you now it will not be the last.