Here I sit contemplating what to write. Should I be witty, humorous, or honest. So many ideas run through my head as I sit here and contemplate on what to talk about. I love writing and sharing my thoughts, of course also terrified of expressing it honestly and openly. I find it very easy to express myself more honestly in writing versus in person, face to face.

I like to think I am a clever person when it comes to using words to cut someone to the quick or put them on a throne. Let me get to the point here, considering how I am rambling on about writing and honesty. I am new to sharing my thoughts with the public. It’s one thing to write and let my sister or friends read it. Quite another story when I want to share it with everyone else willing to read it.

I wonder if everyone else will think whether I am clever or simply ordinary. Will my words reach out and connect or resonate with someone? I think I am more afraid of failure or harsh criticism of my writing. I put my soul into each piece of poetry I write that when I think of allowing another to read it it frankly freezes me up. It took a lot of pep talk to work up the courage to start sharing my joy of reading and writing.

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