A Bigger Splash Review

Coming to your Emotional Rescue. Or maybe not?

A Bigger Splash is the story of a rock and roll star living on an island after a hefty operation on her vocal chords with her relatively new (and a little younger) beau. Unfortunately this is only to be disturbed by her former partner and his newly found to be daughter. This is mostly a story of deceit and lost loves.

Firstly, Tilda Swinton looks absolutely top as usual. As you can tell by the photo, her rock and roll persona is positively dripping with Bowie as always and really does look the part. This further backs my portfolio of evidence that the only person who could play Bowie would be Tilda. Also, much like We Need To Talk About Kevin (another Tilda favourite of mine) she gives a rather detached performance and you will most likely find yourself either wanting more from her or just downright intrigued. I found myself in the latter category as the film went on as I pretty much always do while watching her. Most of all when it came to her character I found that the look is really what made her pop out. Considering she cannot speak properly for the duration of the film, this really stood out for me. Especially this outfit in particular.

This outfit really stood out for me mostly because it really shows off Tilda for what she is, an obscure yet wonderful actress. But it fit into the character so well because at times it just felt like I was watching her be herself. I’m rarely disappointed by Tilda (never ask me about Only Lovers Left Alive. Ever.) and this film definitely didn't disappoint. Flawless as usual.

What really tempted me into this film was Ralph Fiennes. I’ve often seen him and Tilda put together and it is a match made in heaven. I loved their back and forth in The Grand Budapest Hotel so this film couldn’t really go that wrong for me. Ralph delivered the best performance yet again. His dance scene completely stole the show for me. With Emotional Rescue by The Rolling Stone blaring out and his delightfully nerdy dance around the villa, colour me very amused and impressed. He was as bubbly and humourous as ever.

Dakota Johnson turned out to be a surprisingly devious character and she really brought the whole film together. She seemed so last minute due to the way she entered the film. A long lost daughter usually appears as a gimmick but she played it so well that I was pleasantly surprised. Plus full frontal nudity caused for a very daring performance which was the last thing I expected.

To cut this review short, I found A Bigger Splash to be humourous but definitely lacking. There didn’t appear to be much of a storyline but amusing nonetheless. It’s a kind of half-two-in-the-afternoon spur-of the-moment type of film.