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Andy Kay
Andy Kay
Jul 11, 2019 · 3 min read

Say a businesses had someone break into the vault/safe and the police really aren’t sending anyone out there to do much investigation. Can you solve that crime and then bring it to the police?

A lot of times the police are more prone to act upon things when we bring them as much information as much evidence as possible. That means good leads, especially proof toward possible suspects, and actual evidence and documentation to establish the corroborating evidence and show how that suspect is part of the crime. This makes them more likely to move on it because they have more likelihood of solving the crime.

Do you ever just solve a crime and deliver it to the police so the police can pursue the criminals?

Yes, and often. We’ve had burglaries that we ended up finding out who the suspects were, and delivered a full report with what we found, how we found it, who we received information from, etc. We do everything from follow leads, to obtain video footage that the average citizen cannot. We interview eye witnesses and even the suspects. We can do things differently than the police and have more creative power. When it comes to business or home burglaries, we can find out tons of information on possible suspects and do surveillance and background searches, compile the information, and get everything to the police. We have even taken the fingerprints from the crime scenes ourselves because the cops sometimes don’t even have the resources to send somebody out to do the simple crime scenes. Our company have kits for lifting fingerprints and even work with the top lie detector specialists in the industry.

If somebody commits a crime against me like stealing my car and I report it to the police, but I feel like they’re not doing anything with my case, what are the first things that I should do?

When you hire a Private Investigator it is important to provide all the information you have. It’s incredibly important to get us on it as fast as possible to because there will be less evidence as time passes. These sorts of things are very time sensitive.

Evidence diminishes with time, no matter what kind of crime it is. Whether it be footprints on the outside of your window (which has happened in stalker cases and burglary cases), or video footage that gets taped over after so many hours/days, we need to collect and evaluate these things immediately. We have had cases where we were able to identify the footprints and identify the person that was actually on the premises, so we were able to tie things together to help make a case against a particular subject. Now, even though it is all circumstantial evidence at that point, it still builds a case for the police to pursue. And when the police tie it all together with the direct evidence that we acquire, it makes the case that is prosecutable.

Have you been a victim of crime that the police are not pursuing? Do you need help getting justice — or you property back?

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