Safe Dating for the Tinder Lovers And Dating App Members: Tips to Keep Yourself Safe While Trying to Find Love Online in 2019


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  1. Share the person’s phone number with your friend. If you don’t have their number, then share what contact info you have on them with your friend. Basics information can help find someone’s identity much faster than having to have investigators track down each clue.
  2. Take a picture of their license plate and send it to your friend. We don’t recommend getting into someone’s car that you haven’t met a number of times in person, but if you do, take some precautions. Be discreet about taking a photo of the license plate, but be sure and get a clear photo. If something happens, then a LOT of info and tracking can be done through a license plate!
  3. Call your private investigator! We can run a license plate, run a nationwide in-depth background check, and keep your inquiry confidential. No traces will be left on your browsing history in case you end up in a relationship with that person.
  4. Don’t meet at your home with the person until you have run a basic background check with a professional. Free, and even pay-for online background searches are not accurate or reliable.
  5. Ask the person if they have anything in their background that would come up and surprise you in a bad way. Most people are simply afraid to ask these questions, but it’s part of being mature and informed. A lot of times, if someone has the opportunity, they would rather explain it and get it over with, and also defend themselves outright. If they tell you there is nothing major to tell you, but you hire us to check their background and we find something disconcerting or alarming, you know they have bad character (they lied!) and at least have an out to run and not waste your time.
  6. Don’t stop with sharing your phone location; use wearable tech (like Smart Watches) and share your location from there as well. This doesn’t mean you have the wear the watch. You can just drop it in your purse so it’s not obvious to have another means of location sharing in case your date is ill-intentioned.

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