Oceanic with an orange hue

Your daring eyes I drown in

Vibrant green calls to me; my forever home

Happily, I indulge, dive in head first in what’s finally, truly mine

I was lost hopelessly for years, but now found

Seeping away in your, our, ecstasy

A love unlike any other

The stormy days we weather

We all serve a purpose, you just happen to be mine

I know lovin’ me ain’t easy

I tend to become needy, clingy, and hazy

But you stand tall, by my side, through it all

Assure my rights and vocalize my wrongs

Your patience is a God-send

The man of my dreams and of all things free, I’m thankful for you not giving up on me

Although I’m hasty and at times astray,

You continue to stay by my side through the end of all days

I wholeheartedly thank each night whomever sent you to me

Within my heart, for the first time, I see we’re meant to be.