possible new logo designs
Font Pair is getting ready to flex 💪
Hayden Mills

Overall, these designs are better than what Patreon came up with for their branding redesign. So congrats! Here’s some unsolicited critique.

1–1 is neat, but it’s just an F. (What would it look like if the yellow drop shadow formed a P?)

1–2: I like this, but it looks like Fd.

1–3: Reminds me of Adobe products.

1–4 (1st) and 1–6: I associate slashes in Os as the sort of serif font used for writing code, which is neat.

1–4 (2nd): In the negative space, I see a cross. The black lines form an umlaut over a u. (Ü)

1–5 (1st): This reminds me of a cattle brand, but I’m from southern Indiana and 99% of people won’t make that association. And since 99% of people won’t make that association, I think this could work.

1–5(2nd): It looks like FONIqAIR.

1–7: I am reminded of the numbers on the side of a NASCAR car, but once again, 99% of people who’d be using this probably won’t make that association.

1–8: Use this as an extended logo, like what Patreon has done.

1–9: I like this, but it might not be unique enough for branding.