Last night I had another emotionally jarring dream in which I began as a small child. I lived in a rural community that looked like it was in the Japanese countryside. I followed my teacher home from school, through a sunny thicket — it was a tunnel of foliage and dappled light that came out in a field. There was a dirt road but also a walking path leading to a small house with many windows. I was searching for something magical in the house and I snuck in behind him to find it. As I was searching, two more small old men like the teacher arrived at the door. He allowed them in and they told him that there was someone else in his house, hiding. I revealed myself and they said that I must have known what I was, that I was gifted in the supernatural. After much debate, they allowed me to view a possible future scenario using my latent powers. I went into a trance and embodied my adult self, but my emotions were still that of a child. I was at my parents’ house and my mother was leaving — for good. She was ending their marriage and leaving the house. The adult side of me knew that I had a house and a life of my own and suggested that I help her move and that I go pick up my dog to come with her, but the child inside that was viewing this scenario did not understand and became terrified and heartbroken at the prospect of being left with my father. I began to sob uncontrollably at the thought of my mother leaving me behind, barely able to function, following her closely so as not to let her out of my sight.