More strange dreamings to report. I dreamed that I moved into a vast underground apartment below Flicker. There were rooms upon rooms in a network of tunnels and the entire place had been lavishly furnished by the previous owner - some rooms a flourish of French Roccoco, some a hodgepodge of folk art, some adorned only with clean Scandinavian lines. There were very few other tenants, wandering the halls like shy apparitions. There was a visiting party of 2 or 3 middle aged, middle class white couples staying in one wing and touring the area. They wandered into my wing and approached me to start a wholly vapid conversation in which they observed me as an animal in the zoo that is underprivileged society. I ended it by saying that I was expected out.

I dressed myself for the night and went upstairs, into Flicker, through a secret door in the back. A group of my friends was waiting in the front window booth and I joined them. Someone handed me a baggie and I fumbled entirely openly with a key for what seemed like forever, people on the street peering in at me, until I found satisfaction at withdrawling it with an impossible amount of cocaine lined down the edge. I sucked up all of it in one go and turned around to find a girl dressed like a Dutch milkmaid asking if she could sit with us. I decided to allow her to have my spot so the fellows at the table could vie for her affections. I let my hand trail down her curves as I helped her into the booth and took a couple of friends with me as I headed down the street.

We walked to Max Canada and a friend of mine was on her way out the door. She had a lovely man on her arm and she pushed him towards me saying, "Here, you’ve got to try him, he’s wonderful!" He wrapped his arms around me and I could feel that his entire body was strong and taught. He kissed me sensually, without saying a word and I said "Oh yes, you can come with me!" And thanked my friend before pulling the silent Rocky Horror Adonis into my growing entourage.

We partook in various feats of debauchery before deciding that we should end our night and make our way back to Flicker. On our walk back, it began to rain heavily. We came to a street with a rather steep slope to it that was flooding, water rushing down the center and curbs. A group of 15 or 20 inebriated sorority girls were using various items as sleds to ride the water down. Just as we approached, a gush of water came and sent a couple of them tumbling gutwrenchingly over the pavement, one girl so scraped and bruised that she could hardly get up. We stopped to see if we could help her. Her sisters whispered and laughed with slanted gazes at her misfortune and the silent Rocky Adonis picked her up and carried her to the safety of the sidewalk.

We arrived back at Flicker, our group having split several ways and finally the beautiful man spoke in a soft but confident voice to tell me that he was 32 years old, but instead told me that he would be 39 in 7 years. The lights were off and the door locked, but I had a key and let us in, led him down the spiral staircase to my underground apartments. I took him to my bed hungrily, almost viciously, and discovered only in that moment that I was, in fact, a vampire. I sucked the life out of him and lay next to his body playing lazily with his golden hair.

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