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Memory Lane

Traversing the roads that whined through my mind. Memories on both sides. One memory leads to the next. Turning corners at intersections of thoughts and reminders. Sometimes taking corners to fast and getting thrown off track then having to turn back around and find where I left off. How did I get here from there? I retrace my steps. Traversing farther into my own past. Visiting happy places and avoiding the places I’d rather not remember. I can never stay on one path. Memory Lane has too many detours ahead. I go from here to there and journey backward in time. Never knowing when I will be back again. I wonder if I should be mapping this out. Sometimes I’m not sure where I started this little tour but, I am here now. The trees and the wind and the smell of a memory. Reminding me of so many things. Sparking memories of days gone past and a longing to share them with others. So, my memories I decide I will share. I will write them all down for others to read. I will try my best to entertain. Until the day comes when only my travels down Memory Lane are all that is left of me.

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